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Burn Down Lyric - Exceed

Artist: Exceed
Song: Burn Down

I wanna let me go again
No matter what you say
A new voice come from inside
No place to hide yourself
Waiting for your cry baby,
Waiting for my time for revenge.

I am burning in the fire of your lies
Never thought the awful truth beneath your eyes
You said that tomorrow never comes
I say now, forget about my love.

Get outta my way!
Im going to burn your mind
Get outta my way!
You´ll break down, you´ll break down
Get outta my way!So dont waste your time.

Just burn down in the fire
Surrounded by fears
Just burn down in the fire
Scars and tears
Just burn down in the fire
This is not a dream
Just burn down in the fire
Show me your dying heart.

Your voice is taking me higher
My soul is dead it cant be free
You know the light is not shining
The scars and tears, are left for tomorow!

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